Best Smelling Cologne For Men – Which To Choose?

guilty by gucciThis website is dedicated to help you select the best men’s cologne for yourself or as a gift. We do the research so you don’t have to, and provide you with the most popular options, tips and helpful information. There are endless options when you are trying to make a decision on the best men’s colognes, so take some of the burden of yourself and see what consumers have rated to be some of the top fragrances. There are many things to take into consideration when selecting the perfect cologne, so we have gathered all the information and products for you all in one place at your fingertips.

Quality Of Cologne – The Most Important Factor

One of the most important things to keep in mind when selecting cologne is the quality. You may already be aware that just because a fragrance might be cheaper, does not necessarily mean that it is better. Less quality colognes usually only keep their fragrance for a very limited time after being applied, so it might be cheaper initially but you actually spend more because you are using two or three time as much than a higher quality fragrance.

Best Colognes For Men – Most Popular Currently

classic fragrance for men     Classic Fragrance by Banana Republic






eau sauvage for men     Dior Eau Sauvage






acqua di gio     Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani






guilty by gucci     Guilty By Gucci






Cool Water     Cool Water By Davidoff






escada sentiment     Escada Sentiment






Nautica Voyage     Nautica Voyage






gendarme for men     Gendarme






Helpful Tips for Selecting the Perfect Cologne

Compliment not Overtake

What this means is that you want a fragrance that is going compliment you and not enter the room before you do. That is one of the most common misuses of cologne and it is usually not intentional. Usually what happens is the consumer just wants the fragrance to last longer so they use more at one time. This will not make the scent stay with you longer; it will just be stringer initially and still gradually dissipate at the same rate. The best thing you can do is to get a little higher quality cologne that will stick with you longer and you will not have to use as much.

Know What You Like

Sometimes, one of the best ways to determine what cologne is going to be the best for you is to go off of the scents that you like. If you find that you tend to like more hearty earthy rich fragrances, you’re going to want to lean towards colognes that are more in the musk category, if you like lighter sweet scents then most likely citrus based colognes are going to be more of your preference. Some of the most popular categories are; musk, citrus, floral, and woodsy. There are a few other but these are the categories that many of your top items fall into.

Cologne on Your Body

There is a reason why the same cologne smells slightly different on everyone. This is because everyone has a slightly different chemical make –up and when the fragrance is applied to the body and mixes with your chemical compound, then that will be the fragrance of that cologne for yourself. Also, the scent will be slightly different when you apply it to certain areas of the body such as the wrists, neck, navel, and behind the ear.

Should You Have More Than One?

It is our suggestion that you do have more than one top men’s fragrance for yourself. Why is this? There are certain social settings that you will find that a particular scent would be more suiting. For example; If you are having a simple afternoon of running errands, shopping or going to the movies, a light sporty masculine scent might be the best. On the other hand, if you going to a dinner or a dance etc. you might opt for a stronger musk fragrance that usually equates to a more sophisticated setting. Having a couple different options will also allow you to wear what your mood is currently, and allow you to have more than one signature men’s fragrance if you would like.

Gift Selection

This is always a tough area for many people. Too often people tend to buy gifts based on what they like for themselves as opposed to getting something that fits the person receiving the gift. This goes for men’s colognes as well. Try to keep in mind the type person that they are, the social settings they attend, their style preferences and the scent category that is most suitable for them and what you think they would enjoy. At first it may seem a little hard buying something that you would not use or enjoy, but remember that the point of the gift is for the recipient, and to provide them a fragrance to enjoy individually.

acqua di gioOur #1 Selection for Quality

Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani continues to be a favorite of men year after year. This classic scent is of very high quality that stays with you for quite some time which allows you to not have to use that much.

  • Masculine Fresh Scent
  • Suitable for a variety of social settings
  • Compliments any man
  • One of the highest complimenmted colognes

Nautica VoyageOur #1 Selection for Quality on a Tighter Budget

Nautica Classic for Men has been a distinctive fragrance that allows you to have a great clean men’s cologne that is lighter on the pockets. Sometimes, lower cost colognes are of lower quality as well, but that is not the case with this fragrance.

  • Lower cost than other comparable colognes
  • Nice addition to add to any collection
  • Perfect travel cologne for use for any occasion
  • Very casual light fragrance

What is The Right Cologne for You?

Some of the best advice would be allow yourself a little time and patience to find the best cologne for you individually. Try a few different things and see what you like and what seems to compliment your body chemistry the most. Also, pay attention to what those around you are saying. Notice if they are giving you compliments or are politely creating a little distance. Friends and family might provide some good initial feedback, but sometimes the best input will come from co-workers, strangers and people that you meet throughout your day. They gain no personal benefit by giving you a compliment, so usually a compliment from them is sincere. Usually that is the best feedback you can receive. So, when selecting the best men’s cologne for yourself, go with scents you tend to like, try a few options, listen to feedback and what you like the smell of, and keep your selections based on those few things and try new things from time to time to get additional fresh options.

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What Is The Most Expensive Cologne?

clive christian expensive cologneWhether you are looking for the most expensive cologne for yourself, for a gift, or just to simply see what many people actually use, you have found your stop. Clive Christian currently is among one the most expensive colognes that are available.


So why would you need to have one of the most expensive colognes? Well, believe it or not, many people actually don’t even use the cologne once they purchase it. As you may well be aware, people are collectors of almost everything and cologne is no exception. Cologne collectors have every bottle of cologne from small free bottle sample they receive when they are travelling or while given during the holiday shopping season, all the way the most expensive.

Others simply enjoy owning some of the most expensive cologne. They wear it on special occasions only and it makes them feel like royalty, even if it’s only for a few hours. Then there are those that swear by quality quality quality and feel that the more something may cost the better the quality it must be. While some may disagree with that concept, most of the time with endless products, that statement does apply, whether you are talking about a pair of shoes, a gown, a pair of jeans or the most expensive cologne. There are plenty of comparisons that you can probably relate to when you think of the things that you own that have lasted the longest and are of the best quality. Most likely, they are probably some of your nicest belongings.

There are obviously those individuals as well that just simply enjoy having nice things and when it comes to their cologne, it is no different. This is why the most expensive cologne continues to be sought after by so many men.

Here Are Additional Options

clive christian x perfume spray for men

most expensive cologne


Cologne, in general is much stronger, lasts much longer, and the quality is much higher in comparison to body sprays. Cologne’s consist of oils that are much higher concentrated and their fragrance lasts much longer.  Usually the price of cologne is determined by the rarity and mixture of the oils used and how the concentrations of the oils are combined. The rarer & more involved to create, the higher the cologne is going to cost. Therefore, the most expensive cologne is no different. It follows the same rules and is the primary reason that the cologne is at its determined price point.

Another rule of thumb with cologne is that, quality colognes require much less use, lasts longer and compliments you much better than a body spray or “lesser quality” cologne.  Quality colognes are designed to complement you when they are applied to the body, and smell slightly different on everyone. Body sprays when applied are usually a “cover up”, and blanket everyone basically the same. You will be required to use much more to even last you a fraction of the time of a cologne, so therefore you end up applying more which requires you to use more and then can be quite overpowering just because you trying to get it to last longer.

Overall, whether you are looking for the most expensive cologne, or just a nice quality cologne in general, make sure that you are going to get something that is going to compliment you and not overtake you.


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